Fenugreek & red clover: natural breast enlargement do work!

Red clover, red clover drink, red clover powder

Red clover capsule & powder

Fenugreek, fenugreek powder, fenugreek drink

Fenugreek capsule & powder

My hunger for information sends me to new discovery; as my willingness to try new things. After my son abruptly stopped breast feeding and surviving the pain of withdrawal that comes with it, I said to myself, ‘thank God, am done with child bearing!’. Now that I have closed the door to child bearing after my second child, I, like most women thought, now is the time to be ‘me focused!’. Women get so wrapped up in child bearing and raising kids that we lose ourselves. That is why when the job of motherhood gets less cumbersome, we look inward to find ways of enhancing ourselves physically or feeding our minds by exploring new ways. This was where I was when I thought, “hey, I don’t mind fuller breasts!”. But I am terrified of plastic surgeries. I have a long list of plastic surgeries gone wrong thanks to E and other examples. My country’s First Lady died after a tummy tuck! We have to be careful.

So, my search for natural breast enhancement led me to fenugreek and red clover.


Dating back in history, many cultures have used fenugreek to increase milk supply in nursing mothers. So, naturally, fenugreek not only increase breast milk supply, but as the tissue enlarges, so does your breasts. Fenugreek contains diosgenin which converts into estrogen and progesterone. The way it works is that it creates the need for your body to make milk. In so doing, your breast tissue expands and you get fuller breasts.

Have no fear, this is harmless For non nursing mothers. I am not nursing and I have taken fenugreek for three months now, I noticed result in the first month.

I know this sounds interesting; and I have found that to enlarge breasts naturally, means a holistic approach – thanks to Keneth Dockins. I support his view because depending solely on fenugreek is not enough. You must:

Eat nutritious food. If you feed well, take calcium rich foods.

Exercise: Yes, exercises like push ups are great for enlarging your bust.

Breast massage: here is a useful link-


ADDED BONUS TO DRINKING FENUGREEK: increased libido. Research has found that fenugreek can treat erectile dysfunction (ED). Source:  www.naturalnews.com/031875/_fenugreek_natural_viagra.html

RED CLOVER: functions like fenugreek, but in this case, its plant chemical phytoestrogens  does the work of estrogen.

Other breast enlargement herbs are saw palmetto and fennel.

Last word: you can always mix or replace these herbs with each other or for another. I take them in capsule form and its incredible.

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73 thoughts on “Fenugreek & red clover: natural breast enlargement do work!

  1. Hey i have fenugreek powder. Can you please help me for making something out of that powder for breast enlargement.

  2. gud day! glad to know that something can be done to increase my breast. Please can you give me the detailed address( & phone nos (i.e detailed contact) of the shops where you buy your fenugreeks & red clover in nigeria.I live in Akwa ibom state & i would like to get this products.

  3. Where can I get fenugreek in kaduna and wats anode name dat I can use to call it wen I get to d market. Thnks

    1. Fenugreek is also known as methi, I’m not sure where to buy in Kaduna though I once bought the seeds at the market in Abuja. You can also get them in powder form at sahad stores abuja.

    1. Hi,

      If you google health plus, you will find a map of its location. The only three I know are at the Palms shopping mall, LEKKI, Lagos airport and ikota shopping complex, LEKKI.


  4. Am in lagos,am in my early twenty’s,an am soo shy of my breast cause its small,and I want to take fenugreek to help…is it expensive?

  5. Hello! Do they go back to their original size after one stops taking fenugreek. And should I take one capsule a day.

  6. Hi,
    I’ve heard a lot about Fenugreek.I heard that it is uesd to balance cholesterol, treat Diabetes,lowering blood sugar levels, cure skin inflammation/heart burn & acid Reflux. I’v been to the website of Healthplus Pharmand cannot see Fenugreek in their product list.My dear i need it seriously now as a nursing mother. May God bless you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  7. Hello pls is there any other nigerian name for fenugreek leave or seed and pls do I jst go to d chemist and ask for fenugreek capsule and how do I take it. Tnx a lot for your reply

    1. Although, I don’t know a Nigerian common name for fenugreek; it is called hulba(Arabic and northern Nigerian) and methi(India). Fenugreek is planted in some part of the northern Nigeria(I’m sorry I can’t remember the particular state a herbal shop owner told me). The seeds are available in the north,all the same. I particularly bought a two and half litres filled jerry can at Soho kasuwa, Gusau, Zamfara state during my NYSC in June 2013 at a standard herbal store( the herbal doctor has got many standard approvals and authentic certificates to operate his practices in Nigeria). The shop owner said he imports his herbs and oil mostly from the UAE.

      In Lagos, I found fenugreek (hulba ,methi) at Mosalasi Jimoh(central mosque shopping mall), Nnamdi Azikwe street Lagos island (eko) at a mallam store. Ask those mallams that sell northern and Arabic products such as herbs ,oils, henna,habatu sauda (black seed oil) etc. It’s already packaged in a small transparent plantic container, between #300 and #500 (naira). I’m not sure about price.

      Also you can purchase fenugreek seed and fenugreek products at most Indian shops in Nigeria(wink wink) . I’m sorry for bombarding you with this long epistle. I hope this helps.

      1. Hello, tnx a lot for this post. Pls I stay in kaduna and I have looked for the funugreek both the capsule and the herb but I can’t find any. Pls can u recommend a place in kaduna were I can get it. Pls replt ASAP. Tnx

      2. Hello tinuade tnx 4 ur post. Pls d man that sell d fenugreek herbs in zamfara, does he have a phone number so that I can contact him. Tnx alot

  8. Ella,
    Pls consult your doctor before taking anything.You can find Feungreek tree in India. You can get the Capsules from Medplus Pharm. Warm Regards.

  9. Hi. I’ve read your testimonial and I’ve also read the Boost your Bust Book. I dunno if you’re familiar with it. I just wanted to know whats the exact label or is there any picture that you can share so that I could find these product easily here in the Philippines. Thanks. Godbless!

  10. If it wont cause too much of a hassle can you please post a picture of the bottles. Theres so many fake products thats why Im affraid. Thanks again Godbless!

  11. Hi people. I recently purchased fenugreek seed from Park n’ Shop in Port Harcourt. Its also called Methi. I am yet to see red clover. I have began taking it as well as massaging for a week and i have seen a little improvement. Thanks for this info.

  12. hi, Iam an indian. i have very small cup size and a worse pear shaped body.. 32AA- 27- 42.. Everyone tease me.. Iam 21 years old.. iam working on my lower body but please help me with breast enlargement.. Does fenugreek really increase cup size? how much??

  13. Hello, tnx a lot for this post. Pls I stay in kaduna and I have looked for the funugreek both the capsule and the herb but I can’t find any. Pls can u recommend a place in kaduna were I can get it. Pls replt ASAP. Tnx

  14. Thanks for sharing..would search for fenugreek and red clover..but can they be taken together or its either of the two? Trying to avoid taking an over dose..can red clover and fenugreek be taken together please?

  15. Honestly am so happy i came to this site,,i need fenugreek&red clover oooo,i want to increase my bossom…pls is the pills better than the powder or can i get both&how do i use them

    1. Please when buying herbs, but from a reputable drug store that sells good organic herbs and do consult with the consultant before buying. Usually, dosage is written on the pack but please consult the pharmacist before buying. Thanks

  16. hello. ur article is indeed inspiring. since it is in capsule dat you take it. will it still have the same effect if the capsule is opened and the powder form used for massage cos some places i have read it recommend the higher efficacy of powder to capsule which nutrients are sometimes lost in d course of digestion.

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