Garlic: best cure for stubborn ringworm


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My daughter has struggled with ringworm for months now. This contagious skin infection came on her when she came in contact with a loved one. It started quiet insignificant but the harder she scratched it, the more the infection spread. We began her treatment by using topical creams prescribed by the pediatrician. After three months of using various creams and she taking antibiotics, and the ringworm had not gone, I was at my wits end. The ringworm was spreading fast.


I had gone online in search of cure until I came across garlic. But I took a step further by including turmeric in the treatment.


* turmeric: though great in cooking dishes, makes even greater astringent and cleanser.

Here is what I did:

I used:

– an antiseptic and medicated soap bar precisely Dettol soap to bath her.
– After each bath, I would dip cotton wool in water, squeeze out excess water, dap in turmeric and clean the surface of the ringworm affected area and beyond. Turmeric served as the dissenfectant and removed all top layer dirt, dried and peeled skin.
– Lastly, I applied a generous amount of garlic juice in the ringworm, followed by the garlic paste itself. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and provides diverse natural healing.


Get fresh garlic, wash it, remove all outer covering and blend or pound into paste. For much higher potency, mix with garlic powder and pour into a small canister. Pour some warm water into garlic and cover air-tight for 30minutes. This helps the garlic juice to infuse better and stronger. Keep garlic in canister with lid for a week before preparing fresh one.

This is how I applied the garlic:


Garlic creates a protective film over skin and goes deep down to squeeze out every substance in the ringworm that causes spread. Because ringworm depends on moisture to spread, garlic impedes the spread by squeezing out every drop of moisture in ringworm. So please, expect drying of the skin and peeling. Once you clean with turmeric, it helps to clean out such peels to reveal a cleaner skin.


*One week after garlic treatment, my daughter’s skin was drying.

To further boost healing, you can have your child drink the garlic. My daughter is 5years old so could handle drinking garlic. I would take half teaspoon of garlic powder, mix with her juice and give her to drink. Not all kids – or even adults- can handle it so do not force your kids.


* My daughter’s arm today 3 weeks later.

The ringworm is completely dried out so the brown patches left behind are gradually fading out. At this point, I now use a topical cream after applying garlic juice to fade out the brown patches.

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26 thoughts on “Garlic: best cure for stubborn ringworm

  1. i am suffering since a yr n hv tried every home remedy. today was my first day to try garlic.. lets see how fast it goes.. did u mix garlic paste with honey?

  2. I have freeze dried garlic. Can I reconstitute that and use it or does only fresh garlic work. My dog has a case that three anti fungal creams and an anti fungal shampoo is not healing.

  3. What is Turmeric and where can one get it in Lagos? Is it edible for eating and what is it used to cook apart from using it as a cleanser?

  4. Hello! I love this post, thank you so much for sharing. I have a few questions though, is it supposed to burn? When I first applied it to the affected area it burned so much I almost passed out (the garlic burns not the tumeric. Also, am I supposed to leave the Tumeric Powder on the infection or remove it before applying the garlic paste? Thank you so much and I hope this works for me!

  5. Thanks for sharing, you really documented this well with pictures and everything. I’m not sure mixing the fresh garlic paste with a “powder” is a good idea, because (according to WebMD article) the active agent is “allicin” and allicin in the garlic disappears quickly as it ages. Garlic powder will be older than fresh garlic you’ve bought at your supermarket, and alot of its allicin gone.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing. I am a college student with no insurance so this helps alot Ive suffered from wingrworms since a child I
    am 20 years old now and this is the worst case I have had. When you applied the garlic did it dry during the day and night when it was applied ?

  7. Not sure if this was a good idea…I applied a small slice of fresh garlic on it and held it in place with a bandaid for a couple hours. It did burn a lot at first but in comparison to the itch I was willing to just toughed it out. I did this yesterday evening and this morning when I woke up it looked bruised, by noon it turned into a blister. Now I am just waiting on it to pop so I can figure out what to do next. Hopefully its not infected cause now I’ll end up having to get it checked out.

  8. i have read all tis coments n kind of interested, at first I check on utube [ how to cure ringworm ] its says garlic. so I applied to my affected area [ o my god, at first it burns like anything but I control myself to cure tis. so lets lets c whether it is cure or not.

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